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Training and Human Development

Our HRM department concerns itself with the recruitment (selection and placement) of candidates for our clients. We give each candidates an equal opportunity to prove his/her certificate. There is a place for everybody in an organization and our HR team help each person find his/her place in the organization the grade notwithstanding

Business Development and Management

We help new businesses to plan and strategise on how to carve a place for themselves in their sector. Our team of experienced professional will look into, and help develop your sales, business and management development, and looking to be your ‘on going’ business development partners’.

Website Design

Your website is an image maker for your company and enhancing the image of your company is our priority. Our web design services are rated high among other web designers

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About us

DHELĆ Business Solutions is an IT, Training and Business Development services private firm based in Nigeria, committed to providing and integrating business solutions to corporate , social and individual clients, with the aim of satisfying clients specified needs.

DHELĆ Business Solutions is a registered company; in operations since  2010 with the view to speeding up decision making processes in various individual and business organizations. Our business solutions are tailored and customised towards meeting the exact needs of our highly esteemed clients; thus, ensuring increased productivity, confidence and satisfaction.

DHELĆ Business Solutions is noted for its high sense of professionalism and adherence to ethical codes.

We function as bridges for information and knowledge, and the external consulting view will provide these bridging services more economically  than client firms themselves.

We possess specialties on tasks that would involve high internal coordination costs for clients, organizations-wide changes and the implementation of  customised business solutions. In addition, because of economies of scale, our focus and experience in gathering information worldwide and across industries renders business solutions less costly  for clients.


  • R-Result Oriented
  • I-Integrity
  • T-Team Work
  • E-Excellence

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Address : 13, Titilayo Crescent, Olumbe Basir, Off Ashi Bodija, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. Telephone:+234 806 652 6650 Mobile:+234 803 546 8723 Email: info@dhelcbizsolutions.com

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Web Scripting Languages
Business Management

What our Clients say about Us

“I’m enjoying your branching out into soft skills AND your focus on specific IT certification topics. Keep up the good work”

Grace Ikhizama Student

“The education I got from DHELC Business Solutions helped me work with industry pros and know what I’m talking about.

Tolu Idowu Entrepreneur

“I really benefit from the motivational courses as much as the technical ones. Keep doing what you do; you’re like an online mentor to me.”

Abidoye Oladiipo MD/Wisdom Media House
“Great program. I love the fact I can hop on at any time for personal enrichment or use with my team at work”
Dapo E Principal Partner/Granduer Solicitors

Our Library


Are your sales cycles longer than necessary? Are you losing business to the competition when you shouldn’t be? Are you having trouble differentiating yourself? Are you getting price objections when your product is clearly superior? If you face any of the above, it’s because you are using sales methods. Do I have your attention? Good, […]


WHAT IS ENTREPRENUERSHIP? The definition of Entrepreneurship is as diverse as the different functions of the Entrepreneur. A largely held view of the term is that an Entrepreneur is the person who brings about a change and possesses characteristics to implement ideas to benefit the society as a whole. Only a few people are talented […]

System Analysis – Introduction

A computer salesperson, a computer hardware engineer, and a computer software engineer were traveling the freeway together one afternoon to make a sales presentation. Suddenly the right front tire of the automobile they were riding in burst. After the driver calmly pulled the vehicle over to the side of the freeway, each got out of […]

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