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Are your sales cycles longer than necessary? Are you losing business to the competition when you shouldn’t be? Are you having trouble differentiating yourself? Are you getting price objections when your product is clearly superior? If you face any of the above, it’s because you are using sales methods. Do I have your attention? Good, […]


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WHAT IS ENTREPRENUERSHIP? The definition of Entrepreneurship is as diverse as the different functions of the Entrepreneur. A largely held view of the term is that an Entrepreneur is the person who brings about a change and possesses characteristics to implement ideas to benefit the society as a whole. Only a few people are talented […]

System Analysis – Introduction

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A computer salesperson, a computer hardware engineer, and a computer software engineer were traveling the freeway together one afternoon to make a sales presentation. Suddenly the right front tire of the automobile they were riding in burst. After the driver calmly pulled the vehicle over to the side of the freeway, each got out of […]


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What is branding? Your brand is the unique personality and identity of your company that sets it apart from others in the same market niche. It’s the persona your business presents to the world. A brand is composed of many diverse pieces that, together, capture the imaginations of your buyers. Some of the pieces are […]