At DHELĆ Business Solutions, our HRM department concerns itself with the recruitment (selection and placement) of candidates for our clients. We give each candidates an equal opportunity to prove his/her certificate. There is a place for everybody in an organization and our HR team help each person find his/her place in the organization the grade notwithstanding. Our HR team also has as parts of its responsibility the training of personnel. At DHELĆ Business Solutions, we offer different type of training for staffs in an organization from the administrative staff to the managerial cadre.


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The development of our client’s human resources at every level is our concern and our HRM team gives you the best advise on how to motivate your employees to get the best out of them. Our skilled training consultants provide personalized training programmes that suit organization’s goals and values. We offer performance coaching service and facilitate group learning and team building events . We offer these range of training and seminar in our organisation. So, if you are looking forward to develop your staff either the secretarial staff, administrative staff, or the managers, we have just the right material for your staff to grow and add value to your company.